Robot Kits for Sale

Our robot kits are unique in as much as we have no idea what they will look like when completed. That is up to the child building it. We are, however, sure that if the instructions are followed, the robot will work, but we only offer a few examples of how they may look.
We feel that the ability to customize is super important as this encourages the child to add their own creativity to their robot. In our experience over the years, we have found that many young robot builders will regularly disassemble and rebuild their robots in new configurations. And that is good!

We have two ordering pages.
Purchase Retail Robot Kits, is for the individually packaged retail kits. You may buy any quantity or combination of kits.

Institutional Pricing and Ordering, is for schools, youth groups, organizations, and robot clubs that want to buy in bulk quantities.
Minimum quantities apply.
Robot Critter- Minimum 10. Mini Sumo or SuperScramble- Minimum 5.

RoboCritter Kit Instructions 391 Kb .pdf
MiniMax Kit Instructions 406 Kb .pdf
SS Instructions ’22 Web> SuperScramble Kit Instructions 696 Kb .pdf
-W MRG Controller Instructions 392 Kb .pdf