Competition Rules

We are currently planning for the Manitoba Robot Games event to be back in 2024.

The following links will take you to the rules for the individual competitions, but be sure to go first to the General Rules as these apply collectively to all the competitions. Then use your browser’s “back” button to return to this page.

PLEASE NOTE! The 2024 Games will be unique as many of the younger competitors may not have seen The Games before, and due to the lingering effects of Covid we are not sure how many schools will be registering for the Games this year. As a result we wish competitors to be aware that while we will do what ever we can to ensure each and every competitor has a chance to compete, some competitions may be cancelled at the last moment if there are too few contestants in a specific event to ensure a fair outcome. Cancellation may also occur due to availability of playing fields, judges, timers, etc.

Code Competition 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
LFS Line Follower Scratch Built $300*^ $150 $100
LFK Line Follower Kit Built $300*^ $150 $100
LMA Line Maze Autonomous $300*^ $150 $100
DRA Drag Race Autonomous $300*^ $150 $100
TPM Tractor Pull is cancelled for 2023 due to humidity damage. $100* $50 $25
NXT Lego Challenge – (Updated Mar 3, 2023) $150*^ $100 $50
JC1 Judges Choice
– Presented by U of M Engineering
$100*^ $50 $25
SSR Super Scramble Rookie
– Presented by The Vehicle Technology Centre
$100* $50 $25
SSL (Postponed until 2024) $100* $50 $25
SSH (Postponed until 2024) $100* $50 $25
MSR Mini Sumo Rookie
– Presented by CTTAM
$100 $50 $25
MS1 Mini Sumo 1
– Presented by CTTAM
$100 $50 $25
MS2 Mini Sumo 2
– Presented by CTTAM
$100 $50 $25
MS3 Mini Sumo 3
– Presented by CTTAM
$100* $50 $25
MSA Mini Sumo Autonomous
– Presented by CTTAM
$300*^ $150 $100
PST Prairie Sumo Tethered $100* $50 $25
PSA Prairie Sumo Autonomous $300*^ $150 $100
Most Innovative Robot $50^
Most Spirited Driver $50^

* Prize value may include $250 scholarship to University of Manitoba. (Some conditions apply)
^ Prize value may include $50 gift certificate to Tip Top Electronics

Robo Critter Rules

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