Tractor Pull 2019

This competition has revised rules including a reduction in allowed weight down to 10 lbs. for 2019 so please review these rules.

October 2018




Must be fitted with a single action kill switch prominent on the top of the robot, coloured red, and when pushed in a downwards motion and released, will in a safe manner, disconnect power to the motor(s), immobilizing the robot.

Open to:


Playing Field:

A 23 ft. long x 10 in. wide track with sides. (see details below)

Playing Field Surface:

The playing field has a carpeted surface to facilitate traction, and has 2 in. high aluminum sides lined with high density polyethylene.


The object of this competition is for your tractor to pull a sled for as far and as fast as it can. Similar to a real tractor pull contest, as the sled is pulled forward the weight is shifted progressively from above the wheels at the back of the sled to above a skid near the front of the sled. As this weight is shifted forward so the friction with the bottom of the track is increased. The track has sides with there is no need to be able to steer the tractor, but it must be equipped with some form of low-friction side pieces to help keep the tractor within the guides.

Robot Specifications:

The robot shall be self-contained.

  • Maximum weight – 10 lbs. (This is a change from previous years which allowed a heavier robot.)
  • Maximum length – 14 in. including hitch.
  • Maximum width – 10.0 in. Where the widest points of the vehicle shall be at or below a height of 1 1/2 in. from the ground and designed to guide vehicle between the HDPE coated guide rails.
  • The robot must be equipped with a hitch mounted to the vehicle in such a way as not to permit any movement either longitudinally, vertically or horizontally during a pull.
  • Adjustable hitches are permitted, but must be locked in position when pulling.
  • The hitch must be constructed of strong, rigid material and incorporate a minimum of 1/4 in. hole located no more than 1/4 in. from the rearmost end of the hitch drawbar (i.e. the sled pull chain must have a clear path from the hook to the sled with no interference from any part of the pulling vehicle).
  • Maximum hitch height – 4 in. (measured from ground).
  • If you have a back up battery(or batteries), they must all be declared at registration and the robot weighed with each, separately.


  • No fuel cells or other combustion processes are permitted
  • No unsealed or vented batteries containing liquid acid compounds are permitted.

  • Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer may be used under strict conditions (see MRG General Rules)
  • There is no restriction on the number, diameter, or width, of driving wheels.
  • Track laying mechanisms may be utilized.
  • Wheelie bars are permitted.
  • Added weights must be firmly attached.
  • The tread may be any style but may only be composed of either rubber, silicone, latex, flexible urethane or similar thermoplastic elastomer.
  • No metal, plastic or fiber spikes, tire chains, hook and loop or similar device may be added or attached to any driven tire.
  • Liquid or chemical tire traction compounds are not permitted.

Robot Identification:

The MRG identification sticker(s) (as supplied during registration) must be easily readable on the robot’s body while the robot is in competition

Game Principles:

Each robot will be given multiple runs with increasing weights on the towed sled. This continues until one robot pulls more weight than the others. The time needed to reach the end of the track will also be recorded. If a robot fails to reach the end of the track in the allotted time, the distance is recorded in case it is needed to break a tie.

Game Procedure:

At the start of each run, the robot will be placed at the starting end of the track and hitched to the weighted sled. The robot will be started down the track until it either reached the end or has been running for 2 minutes. Tractors will be stopped if, by the judges opinion, they are perceived to be causing damage to the sidewalls or the surface of the track.
Each vehicle will be weighed before competing and may also be weighed after a pull, and if found to be overweight, that pull is void. Each competitor has the option to call for a restart if the tractor is stopped before the sled reaches the 5 ft. “Default Line”. However, he/she must re-pull immediately. No repairs or battery recharging will be permitted. Each contestant is allowed one re-start only.
The event judge will, at his/her discretion, display the weights to be pulled starting with large weight increments and gradually decreasing them. Contestants will have the option of telling the judge they will “pass” when new weights are announced. 

All robots must pull in the first weight/round (10 lbs).
Each contestant will be given one free pull. Use it wisely!
Distance pulled will be measured from the leading edge of the sled’s skid which is to be aligned with the starting line, and has to be level with the finishing line for a complete pull.

MRG General Rules:

As with all competitions, failure to abide by MRG General Rules may result in one or more of: a warning, a declaration of an unfinished run or disqualification from the event.