2020 MRG Pre-Registration

Click here for the latest schedule (we will update this as information becomes available)

IMPORTANT * We ask that you Pre-Register online between Jan 7, and 5:00 pm. March 13th, after which Pre-registration cost will increase from $10 to $20. ¬†We will post an abbreviated list of entrants on the web site under “Competitions”, but look for an important email from us after 6:00pm on Wednesday March 18 which will list your entries. Please read them carefully and confirm this entry no later than 5:00pm Thursday March 19th. following this, you will receive an email which you will need to print out and show to the registration desk on the 21st to ensure you pay per robot according to your Pre-Registration date. And of course, ensure that you have a place in the competition.

Be sure to Pre-Register by 5:00 pm Friday March 13th. We shall be setting the maximum entrants allowed at that time!


Make this your best guess. You will have a chance to revise your entry two days before the games. or email me at ian@mbrobotgames.ca
  • Maximum 22 characters. Must be easily pronounced by the announcer. No vulgarity please!
  • We are taking pre-registrations for some competitions at this time. If you are not sure which competition is right for you, a quick guide is here
  • Be sure your robot qualifies for the competition you select as there may not be space in an alternative competition on the day of the Games.
  • Note: If, as the builder/Driver, you are entered in another competition then you must register an alternate driver that is available to present your robot for competition and enter in place of you if there is a time constraint.
  • e.g. Westover High School , Home School, Riverbend Robot Club, etc.
  • Please provide Contact Information here:
  • Note * This and the following fields are required so we can send to you your registration information a couple of days before the competition.
  • Preferably the Coach's email
  • We need this to send Certificates, Lost & Found, etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

After 5:00pm Thursday March 18th, the registration fee will be $20.00 and spaces in some competitions may be closed due to scheduling conflicts. Acceptance of any robots attempting to register after this time will be subject to availability within the schedule.

These changes are being done to help make registration faster and more accurate. Your help with this is appreciated.

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