The Manitoba Robot Games is host to one of the most exciting science events in Manitoba, and this year’s event will take place on March 16, 2019 at Tec Voc High School.

Click here to see the winners of the 2019 24th Manitoba Robot Games

The following links will take you to pdf pages of the individual rules, but be sure to go first to the General Rules as these apply collectively to all the competitions.
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General Rules
Line Follower- Presented by MicroPilot
Line Maze Autonomous(Updated for clarification Feb. 7, 2019)
Drag Race Autonomous(Updated for clarification Jun 6, 2019)
Tractor Pull(Updated Feb 6, 2019)
Lego NXT/Mindstorms Autonomous
Judges Choice*
Super Scramble Light – Presented by Vehicle Technology Centre
Super Scramble Heavy 2018 – Presented by Vehicle Technology Centre
Mini Sumo Tethered  
Mini Sumo Autonomous
Prairie Sumo Tethered  
Prairie Sumo Autonomous
Robo Critter

An abbreviated chart of all competitions (Updated Feb 12, 2019)

Click here for the list of previous MRG Winners

Here are some photos of the 2018 Games