The 23rd Annual Manitoba Robot Games


Due to a scheduling conflict we needed to change the date of the next Manitoba Robot Games, and we can now confirm that we have been able to reserve the TECVOC field house for March 24th 2018.  As this is the first day of Spring Break we sincerely hope that it doesn’t conflict with any much earned vacation time but it was the best we could arrange.    Ian…

For those new to the Games, we welcome you!  Here are a few facts you need to know:

Pre-Registration is now online here, and the cost will remain at $5 per robot per competition (payable on Games day).
If you hope to compete then please pre-register early.
If plans don’t work out and you can’t compete we need to know at least 10 days before Games day (March 14th).
It is hard to create a schedule until we know how many robots have entered so we can only post an estimated schedule until about 3 days before Game day.
Weigh-in starts at 8:30am, the first competitions start 9:30am, lunch break is 12:00-12:45 and all competitions are finished by 5:00pm. At least that is what we aim for!