PLEASE NOTE *  In light of current health risks we feel obliged to postpone the 25th Manitoba Robot Games. We are currently trying to arrange a different venue date in late May/early June and will keep you informed via this website and by email to all who have pre-registered to date.

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We have changed some competitions and their names & letter codes so please read below to see how the rules will affect you.

LFA, Line follower Autonomous has been split into two categories, LFS for scratch built, and LFK for commercial robot kits such as the “Pololu 3pi Robot”, SunFounder PiCar, BoE-Bot or JSumo FollowMe!.
SSA and SSB now become SSR  SuperScramble Rookie for competitors that are using the MRG SS kit on the old playing field and SSL, SuperScramble Light (<750 grams) will be on the new longer playing field along with the SSH Super Scramble Heavy (<3 Kg) See the new rules below.
LMA, DRA, TPM, NXT, JC1, MSR, MS1, MS2, MS3, MSA, PST and PSA all keep their past codes but their rules may have changed so be sure to read the rules below.

The following links will take you to the rules for the individual competitions, but be sure to go first to the General Rules as these apply collectively to all the competitions. Then use your browser’s “back” button to return to this page.

Code Competition 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
LFS Line Follower Scratch Built
– Presented by MicroPilot
$500*^ $150 $100
LFK Line Follower Kit Built
– Presented by MicroPilot
$500*^ $150 $100
LMA Line Maze Autonomous $500*^ $150 $100
DRA Drag Race Autonomous $500*^ $150 $100
TPM Tractor Pull $350* $50 $25
NXT Lego Challenge (Updated March 6, 2020) $450*^ $100 $50
JC1 Judges Choice $400*^ $50 $25
SSR Super Scramble Rookie $350* $50 $25
SSL Super Scramble Light $350* $50 $25
SSH Super Scramble Heavy $350* $50 $25
MSR Mini Sumo Rookie
– Presented by CTTAM
$100 $50 $25
MS1 Mini Sumo 1
– Presented by CTTAM
$100 $50 $25
MS2 Mini Sumo 2
– Presented by CTTAM
$100 $50 $25
MS3 Mini Sumo 3
– Presented by CTTAM
$350* $50 $25
MSA Mini Sumo Autonomous
– Presented by CTTAM
$500*^ $150 $100
PST Prairie Sumo Tethered $350* $50 $25
PSA Prairie Sumo Autonomous $500*^ $150 $100
Most Innovative Robot $50^
Most Spirited Driver $50^

* Prize value includes $250 scholarship to University of Manitoba. (Some conditions apply)
^ Prize value includes $50 gift certificate to Tip Top Electronics

Robo Critter Rules

An abbreviated chart of all competitions

Click here for the list of previous MRG Winners

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